Web solutions

Haniya Business Solutions provides a range of web based solutions. We are expert in providing;

Website Development

We provide complete website solutions. We work with you from your website analysis till your web preference by the help of modernize platform. We transform our clients’ branding strategy into our own website templates which give us and our clients an edge to be unique on World Wide Web (www).

E-Commerce Portals

We provide E-Commerce web solutions. Ecommerce in a very simple term referred as online store for buying and selling of products over the internet. This is modernized trading in the world where everyone can be benefited through easy, hassle free and time efficient business.

Hosting & Domain

Haniya Business Solutions offers wide range of web hosting services for the different types of websites, by which, your website files will be sitting at online storage space and make it visible for users.

API Integration

API, an abbreviation of application program interface. The APIs specifies how different web program’s components should interact with each other. We refer the best match for our clients as per their requirements, from a variety of APIs types.